3 types of auto body repairs you can do at home

When it comes to DIY car care, are you a proponent of tackling as much as possible in your own driveway? We get it – some drivers like to be hands on when it comes to caring for their vehicle and playing a part in the maintenance is pretty satisfying. Doing your own oil changes, topping off fluids, replacing blown fuses, conducting tire inspections – it’s all a great way to save time.

Tackle auto body repairs at home with our tips

However, not many people want to take on the big projects – there’s too much of a risk of breaking something bigger. We get it. But did you know there are a few other things you can add to your DIY repertoire when it comes to auto body repairs? Check out these suggestions from our Charlotte auto body repair shop!

#1: Minor scratch repair

Minor scratches from things like branches, rocks, and shopping carts can make a major impact on how your car’s exterior looks. Why not try to tackle them at home? First, examine the scratch. If there’s a good amount of depth to it, then you likely need to visit our Charlotte auto body repair shop as they’ll have to use a filler to fill the scratch before it can be painted over. However, if it’s shallow, stop by our parts store to buy a paint pen that exactly matches your car’s paint. You can use the paint pen to touch up the scratched spot and voila – good as new.

#2: Replacing and restoring headlights

Burnt out headlights can win you a ticket if you get pulled over, but luckily they’re easy to replace at home. Just give our Charlotte Toyota parts store a call and they can help you locate and purchase the right headlights, taillights, and turn signal bulbs. From there, it’s just swapping it out (pro tip – you go through the engine bay for the front lights).

If your headlights are looking dull, try purchasing a headlight restoration kit or even using toothpaste to clean the lenses and get them looking like-new again. And if all else fails, book a professional headlight restoration at Toyota of N Charlotte.

#3: Small dent repair

Dents and dings are a pain, but if they’re small enough, you can use a dent repair kit to fix them at home. These auto body repair kits typically come with a suction tool to pop the dent out of the body of your car. However, if the dent is large or appears to have done structural damage to your car, it’s time to call in the experts. Book an appointment at our Charlotte body shop to have our techs take a look at the damage and give you an estimate.

DIY car care

Let our Charlotte repair techs give you expert advice

Have questions or need a little guidance when it comes to parts or at-home auto body repairs? Call us today! We’re open and waiting to help at (704) 659-2040. Don’t forget to ask about our Toyota parts specials!

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