Neighbors in Ballantyne Upset About Trash Piling Up

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Neighbors call it Ballantyne’s “dirty little secret.”

Trash piling up at a townhome community, prompting calls to city code enforcement.

“My view is directly, uh, towards the dumpster,” says neighbor Davena Price-Farag.

She says it’s what she’s had to look at over the past year living in the Scots Hill townhome community off Providence Road West.

“I kinda often feel like when I come from work I’m paying to look at trash,” Price-Farag says.

Neighbors say when they call code enforcement it gets cleaned up, but the trash just piles up again.

“Nobody wants to live next to a trash can when it’s full of trash that no one picks up,” says neighbor Cory Hardman.

There are only two dumpsters for the nearly 100-unit townhome community. Neighbors say they’ve asked for more but have been told it would cost too much money.

They also say the collection days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, but pick-up is inconsistent.

Hardman says he’ll open up the gate in the morning and see raccoons and other animals.

“The turkey buzzards is the craziest thing. They just hang out on top of the trash, so, pretty terrifying,” Hardman says.

WCCB Charlotte reached out to the property management company but did not hear back.

“A dumpster from hell. You know, honestly speaking, there’s no other way to put it,” says neighbor Jennifer Dover.

She says city code enforcement tells her they plan to keep a closer eye on the property going forward. Trash was already piling up Tuesday night, just hours after neighbors say it was picked up.

“It’s not healthy. Nobody should have to live like that,” Dover says.

Under Charlotte’s health and sanitation ordinance, you can report trash or junk issues. If there’s a violation, the property owner has seven days to clean it up or they could face a $150 fine.