Teachers Worry They Won’t Be Able To Rally In Raleigh Next Year

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Thousands of teachers will rally in Raleigh next week for better working conditions. Local teachers worry it might be the last time, because of a policy change that’s buried in the proposed education budget unveiled by the state house.

A sea of red will descend onto the State Capital for the second time next Wednesday. Thousands of North Carolina teachers will rally for higher pay, more money for supplies, security and teacher assistants. They want their voices heard. Teachers like Melissa Easley fell like lawmakers are trying to silence them.

“Very disrespected once again. It was another way that the legislatures have come to disrespect me and my profession that I love so very much,” says Easley.

Buried in the proposed education budget unveiled by the State House, a provision that says it would deny personal leave taken on a school day unless a substitute teacher can be secured to take the job.

“Well, there’s not enough subs to cover in the district as it is. So it basically eliminates  our personal days.”

Another section says once a local school board adopts its calendar, it can’t change. Except for seven reasons:

– Severe weather conditions
– Energy shortage
– Utility failure
– Public health crisis
– School safety crisis
– Emergency related to a school building or school transportation
– Act of God.

CMS School Board member Elyse Eashew says lawmakers need to listen to teachers,”They’re in the classroom, they know how our legislation and policies are playing out. They know what our kids need.”

Lawmakers in the State House are supposed to vote on the education budget next Thursday and Friday.