NCDOT Planning Traffic Circles for Dangerous Northwest Charlotte Intersection

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Monday night you can give your opinion on possible changes to a dangerous Northwest Charlotte intersection.

The state wants to build a pair of traffic circles near Sunset and Oakdale Roads. The intersection is ranked as one of the worst for accidents in Charlotte.

“Sometimes the traffic is extremely heavy,” explains driver Cheryl Williams,”You can’t even hardly turn nowhere. It’s really dangerous.”

NCDOT proposes building a single-lane traffic circle where Sunset Road meets Oakdale, Miranda, and Lawing Roads.

There will be an open house public meeting Monday from 4:00pm to 7:00pm at Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church on Oakdale Road.

Drivers say the way the road is laid out now makes it confusing about who has the right of way.

“Yeah it’s got so many streets coming in at an angle all in one, you know, small little area, they need something,” says driver Robert Marquis.

The other traffic circle would go where Oakdale meets Simpson Road.

Drivers say traffic has increased since a new exit on I-485 opened up about a mile from the area.

“They’re building so many developments also, not just 485, of course that probably helped,” Williams says.

The DOT says traffic circles would make the intersection safer and would allow traffic to move through faster.

Not everyone’s on board through.

“I don’t see the reasoning for it,” says driver Gene Brown.

Brown says he doesn’t like traffic circles.

“It’s just aggravating you know, make them figure 8’s and all that stuff,” he says.