Suspects Wanted For Abandoning Animals In Rutherford County

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, NC — Authorities are trying to identify two suspects accused of abandoning their dogs on April 24th.

The incident was reported Wednesday afternoon. Authorities say a man and woman came to the Rutherford County Animal Shelter to surrender two American Staffordshire puppies but were told the shelter was closed.

Officials say the suspects were given information for several local rescue groups that could help and told they could also make an appointment to surrender them at the shelter on a later date.

About 30 minutes after the suspects left, officials say the two dogs came wandering up to the shelter from Laurel Hill Drive. Authorities say they believe the suspects set the dogs out.

Anyone with information on their identities or whereabouts is asked to call the Rutherford County Animal Shelter at 828-287-6025, the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office at 828-286-2911 or Crime Stoppers at 828-286-8477