UNC Charlotte Student Describes Terrifying Moments When Gunman Opened Fire In His Classroom

CHARLOTTE, NC. — It’s burned in Cooper Creech’s memory. The moment when a gunman walked into his Science Technology and Society class on Tuesday and started shooting.

The UNC Charlotte junior heard five to ten gunshots before he and his classmates ran out the door.

“Tripping over each other and crawling out some of us,” says Creech.

He feared, he might be shot next.

“I was just kind of waiting to feel something sharp in my back.”

He made it outside the Kennedy Building and saw one of his classmates, Rami Alramadahn, drenched in blood. Rami was shot in the stomach.

Not thinking twice, Creech used his training as a National Guard medic.

“Applied direct pressure to the wound, and kept reassuring him and talking to him, trying to keep him calm.” Creech says Rami remained calm.

Police got to the scene just a few minutes later.

“I ran with a group of officers back towards the Kennedy building to see if I could possibly get in, and treat some of the more critically injured people inside.”

Officers wouldn’t let Creech back into the building.

He says he’s still in shock, but glad he could use his skills to help save a life.

“I simply did what I was able to do. I tried my best to help how I could. Riley is the hero, the police are the heroes, the police that got there in three minutes.”

Creech is working to start a ‘Stop the Bleed’ class on UNC Charlotte’s campus. It would teach students how to tend to a severe wound. He’s hoping to get it going in the Fall.