A Group Of UNC Charlotte Students Are Demanding Action

CHARLOTTE, NC. — A group of UNC Charlotte students are demanding action. They want legislation and policy changes after the deadly shooting on campus last Tuesday.

Real Change Now Charlotte came up with a list of wants, needs and demands for gun violence prevention. They plan to bring their demands to County Commissioners on Tuesday night.

“We felt like there needed to be a student-led voice that could speak to policy change that is and necessary speak to our elected officials and hold them accountable,” says member of Real Change Now Charlotte Na’ilah El-Amin.

They’re asking County Commissioners to add a mandatory school exit program to their budget. This would allow students dropping out of school to voice their concerns and issues.

Their other demands at the local and state level include:

-Requiring licensing and training for all firearms possession and use.
-Funding for research on gun violence.
-Asking elected officials not to accept money from the National Rifle Association.
-At the University level, more money for counseling students.

  1. UNC Charlotte faculty, staff, and a CMS teacher are also involved in Real Change Now Charlotte.

Members reached out to County Commissioner Susan Harden for help.

“I wanted to work with the students so that when they put forward their issues, it’s received in the most positive way possible,” says Harden.

The organization says they’ll march in Raleigh some time in mid-June to get legislature’s attention.