Search Warrants Released After Police Search NoDa Apartment Complex Where Suspected UNC Charlotte Shooter Lived

The Latest:

Authorities have released information from search warrants obtained for the UNC Charlotte shooting suspect’s apartment following the deadly campus shooting that killed two students and injured four others.

A laptop, paper targets, three handgun magazines, six boxes of ammo and a magazine loader were all seized during the search of the apartment of the accused shooter, Trystan Terrell.

Terrell reportedly lived in the Novel NoDa apartment complex with his father.

More details were also released giving a little more incite as to what happened in the classroom in the Kennedy Building on April 30th.  Under the “probable cause affidavit” section of the search warrant says:

UNC Charlotte Police Sergeant Gundacker enters room #236 of the Kennedy Building where he encounters several people.  Sgt. Gundacker yells to the occupants of the room and asks them [to] tell him who was shooting.  At that time a subject in the room identified himself as the shooter.  That person, Trystan Andrew Terrell is taken into custody and a Glock firearm is recovered.  A black leather bag located on Mr. Terrell’s person contained multiple gun magazines.

Once the scene was secure Detectives began interviewing witnesses.  One witness, Joshua Ayers stated that he was in the class for a presentation when a male subject slammed the door open and produced a pistol.  Mr. Ayers stated that the subject walked towards a particular table and began to fire at the people seated there.  At that point everyone began to flee the classroom.  It was apparent to Mr. Ayers that the subject targeted a specific table of people.  Mr. Ayers also stated that this was also the last day this class was scheduled to meet.

Terrell was indicted by a grand jury on May 6th on the following charges: two counts of first-degree murder, one count of discharging a firearm on educational property, one count of possession of a gun on educational property, four counts of attempted first-degree murder, four counts of assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill inflicting serious injury.

Original Story (Posted: April 30, 2019):

CHARLOTTE, NC — Police are at an apartment complex in Noda where they believe the suspected UNC Charlotte shooter lived.

The suspected UNC Charlotte shooter is believed to have lived in one of the buildings at the Novel Noda apartment complex off East 36th Street, which is close to the center of Noda.

Police and emergency vehicles have been at the complex for several hours.

Neighbors standing around talking say they are stunned that the suspected shooter may have lived there.

Investigators are believed to have searched the suspect, Trystan Terrell’s apartment.

Officials have been seen going in with protective gear, and are not taking any chances.

Harold Lloyd, a Noda resident and neighbor says, “It’s alarming. It’s kind of scary. It’s surreal. You know, you hear about these types of things that happen, unfortunately, all around the country. You never would think that it would occur, well that the person apparently who did it lives in the same building as you. So, um, it’s just scary and my heart goes out to the victims and the families.”