Toyota of N Charlotte helps you spot radiator issues

Learn how to troubleshoot your car radiator

When your car has radiator issues, it can quickly turn into a very big (and costly) deal if you don’t handle the issues right away. After all, this car part plays a huge role in keeping your vehicle up and running on a daily basis. When it’s on the fritz, your car overheating can become a fast reality. Toyota of N Charlotte’s service center is here to help you understand why your car radiator is so important, the role that it plays under the hood, and how to troubleshoot issues with it.

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What is your car radiator and why is it important?

First, let’s talk about what this car part does and why it’s so essential to your car’s performance. Basically, the car radiator sends coolant through the engine via a system of hoses to keep the temperature in the engine bay in check. It also routes the coolant back to itself, where it cools the fluid with a fan to keep it at a temperature that’s conducive to performance (typically between 190 and 210 degrees F). It’s a pretty complicated system – there are hoses, clamps, thermostats, and even belts involved, but your car radiator plays one of the most important parts of all. As you can see, when it stops working or has problems, it throws everything off and can result in coolant not being properly routed through the engine, or coolant being routed at too high of a temperature.

Toyota of N Charlotte can get your car cool again

So how do you know if this VIP part is having issues? Here are some telltale signs our Charlotte Toyota service techs warned us to look out for.

Leaks under the car.

If you see a puddle of blue or green fluid under the car, it’s pretty indicative that you have a leak in your cooling system. It could be due to wear and tear on hoses, clamps that are failing, or it could be the car radiator itself – both of which require attention from our Charlotte auto service techs.

Car radiator

Mineral deposit buildup.

Mineral deposits can build up in the hoses, creating blockages that prevent coolant from getting through them. This means coolant isn’t circling through the engine block and your car is at major risk of overheating. Keep an eye on your temp gauges and if you notice things heating up, then it’s time to schedule an appointment at our Charlotte Toyota service center.


Although you’d expect to see it on the exterior of your car, your car radiator is actually prone to rust. It heats and cools so rapidly that it gets a lot of condensation and moisture on it, which can lead to rust over time. If you spot this meddlesome issue in the engine bay, bring your car in so we can remedy it before it becomes more costly to fix.

Things you might have an issue with your car radiator on your hands? Let our Charlotte auto service techs handle it for you quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Call us to schedule an appointment at (704) 659-2025.

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