“My Heart Dropped.”–Parents Shaken After Pre-School Bus Overturns On Busy Highway

STANLY COUNTY, NC. —  A pre-school bus overturned with 15 kids inside Tuesday afternoon. It happened after a three-vehicle crash on a busy highway in Stanly County.

One of those drivers had to be airlifted to the hospital. Charges are pending against the driver troopers say caused the crash.

North Carolina Highway Patrol troopers say a pickup truck, towing a trailer, was driving east down Quail Ridge Road and blew through a stop sign. Then it slammed into a Norwood Head Start bus on Highway 52. 15 students and two adults were on the bus, one of those adults was the bus driver.

Glasha Gieger’s daughter was on board. She rushed to the scene after she found out.

“My heart dropped going all the way down 52 to get there, trying to get there after hearing the news trying to drive I was so devastated,” says Gieger.

WCCB spoke to Qutiaya Clark,  whose 4-year-old niece and nephew were also on the bus.

“Devastating. It was even more devastating when we pulled my niece’s hair out of her ponytail, and all the glass started falling out of her hair and they had to take her and wash her hair,” says Clark.

Most of them were taken to Atrium Stanly to be checked out. Troopers say their injuries were non-life threatening.

Troopers say the pickup truck then sideswiped a car that was behind the bus. The driver of the car was seriously injured and airlifted to Atrium-CMC in Charlotte.

Troopers would only say that the pickup truck was going, “a  significant amount of speed.”