A Mother Is Desperate For Answers After She Says A Classmate Assaulted Her Daughter

CHARLOTTE, NC. — A mother is desperate for answers after she says a classmate assaulted her daughter at school. Doctors say the 10-year-old suffered a concussion.  Her mother says it’s the last straw in a string of bullying incidents at Hidden Valley Elementary.

Keosha Worthy remembers the frantic phone call she got on May 9th. The school nurse at Hidden Valley Elementary told Worthy her 10-year-old daughter was hurt.

“She got her head banged, pushed into a brick wall outside the school by another student and hit her head.  Then she hit her head on the marble floor,” says Worthy.

Worthy rushed to the school and took her daughter to the hospital. The doctor said the fourth grader suffered a concussion.

“She kept getting headaches and said she was shaking. So I was scared because she started running a fever.”

Worthy says the classmate is part of a group of children who have been bullying her daughter all year. After going to the principal several times for help, she says the school has done nothing.

“For the school to sit there and do this and brush it off and think it’s okay, it’s not okay with me. It’s not okay. It hurts, it hurts.”

CMS sent WCCB this statement saying in part that Worthy was:

“….invited to meet with school leaders last week and was not able to attend a meeting.The individual named below reportedly came to the school last week, went into a classroom without authorization and used abusive language toward students and was asked to leave the premises.” 

Worthy says that’s not true. She says the principal told her none of the other parents would be able to make the meeting.

“Nobody has still reached out to me, the principal they haven’t reached out to me about what’s going on. I did file a police report, I did file charges. I’m not playing.”

Worthy says the district suspended the child accused of assaulting her daughter for two days. CMPD says they have identified the student involved and that the child is in the process of entering juvenile diversion.