Police: Mom Throws Punches When Kids Splashed At Splash Pad

CHARLOTTE, NC — A Charlotte mother is warning others after she says another mom attacked her at Latta Park in Dilworth Sunday afternoon.

She says the mom started throwing punches and spit in her face.

“She literally took her fist and punched me upside the head. So, I fell in the street, fell on top of my three year old in the street,” said Kelly Wilson. She hit me again from behind, and then spit on me in the face.”

Wilson tells WCCB Charlotte she took her three and six year old sons to the splash pad
at the park.

The kids had water guns and were splashing around, but three girls did not like getting splashed.

“One of them started using foul language, said I’m going to punch you in the face to the little boys,” said Wilson. “Started handing me hand gestures and foul language at me. So, I said boys let’s go.”

As she walked to the parking lot with her children, she says the girls ran to their mom who was sitting in a van. Wilson says the mom got out, walked over, quickly punched the mom twice in the face and head and spit in her face.

Moms at the splash pad Monday watched for the old silver van witnesses say the violent mom was driving.

“It’s bizarre to think you can’t come out to some places anymore without there always being a problem,” said Qushia Horton.

Police have documented the attack.

Wilson is too scared to bring her children back now.

“It’s just a bad experience,” said Wilson. “My kids are screaming the entire time, and I feel terrible that they’re exposed to this in a place where we were just having fun.”