Panic At University City Pool Party After CMPD Says Multiple People Fired Gun Shots

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Panic at a pool party after CMPD says multiple people fired gunshots on a crowd at an apartment complex in University City. One person is recovering as police search for the shooters.

When dozens of bullets flew during a pool party on Monday night, Kasey Ireland saw it all. She and about 200 other people were at the pool at The Flats on Mallard Creek apartment complex.

“I saw people gravitate towards, it looked like a commotion, a fight that was about to happen or something like that. The next thing I know, I just hear gunshots,” says Ireland.

Ireland says she and everyone else ran for their lives to the parking lot.

“The crazy thing about it is, when I was running to my car there was a guy like beside me running, he got shot.”

Police say a bullet hit a 21-year-old man in the neck. He’s recovering in the hospital. CMPD says there are possibly four gunmen because four different types of guns were used.  The department says finding witnesses is a struggle.

“200 people in a pool, very few witnesses. Let that sink in,” says CMPD Major Dave Robinson.

CMPD says that it’s increasing patrols in the University area and working with apartment complex management on security protocols.

There have been deadly shootings at two apartment complexes in University City this year. On March 18th, a 22-year-old man was shot and killed in a breezeway at 901 Place Apartments. On May 1st, another 22-year-old  man was shot and killed in the pool area at University Village Apartments.