Alterations To ID Qualifications For Voting Signed By Governor Cooper

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – Gov. Roy Cooper has signed into law altered rules on how student and government employee identification cards can qualify as voter IDs, which are required for casting ballots in North Carolina elections starting next year.

Cooper announced Monday that he signed four bills, including the ID measure, which also gives colleges and government agencies a second chance in November to meet requirements. The previous law said institutions couldn’t apply again until 2021 if their ID’s didn’t qualify in March, which happened to many University of North Carolina system campuses.

For more information on the new bill, HB 646, click HERE.

Cooper also signed a bill adding two new hiking trails to the state park system – the current federal Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail and a yet-built state Wilderness Gateway Trail. Another new law expands the immunizations that pharmacists can administer.