Dan Vs. Dan in the 9th District Redo

CHARLOTTE, NC – With less than three months until the 9th District redo on September 10th, the two Dans on the ballot are talking about their very different campaigns.

“Look there is a dramatic difference on the ballot,” said Dan McCready, the Democratic candidate for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District.

Both Dan McCready and his opponent, Republican Dan Bishop agree that come election time, the choice in the 9th District is apples and oranges.

“Wrong Dan doesn’t really answer questions forth wright,” said Dan Bishop, a current state senator.

Bishop says his focus, if elected, would be to continue President Trump’s economic policy and he envisions spending time defending the president.

“They’re consumed by the idea of getting the president, of taking Donald Trump out of office,” said Bishop about congressional Democrats.

McCready says his number one issue is working to lower healthcare costs.

“We’ve got to get leaders in Washington who will work across the aisle on common sense reforms to lower health care costs,” said McCready.

He says congressional Democrats should shift their attention away from Trump.

“Congress needs to focus on actually delivering for the American people. That election is coming up real soon and the voters will have a chance to pick their representative,” said McCready.

When it comes to the issues, immigration is front of mind. Dan Bishop called on Mecklenburg County Sheriff Gary McFadden to resign this week. McFadden is outspoken against ICE and isn’t honoring ICE detainer requests.

“That sheriff is not protecting the safety of the public and he should resign,” said Bishop.

He has pressed McCready to also call on the Sheriff to resign. McCready didn’t take a position on the Sheriff’s actions, saying immigration is a congressional issue he hopes to work on, if elected.

“Criminals belong in jail, but it’s the job of the judge to decide when someone comes out of jail,” said McCready.

On past policy, Bishop shied away from answering whether he regrets authoring the controversial “Bathroom Bill” in 2016. He called it an “old issue.”

“I’ve said everything that needs to be said about HB2. I think the question is what about the issues in this campaign,” said Bishop.

He shrugged off its negative impacts and touted his fiscally conservative leadership as a state senator.

“Five years of surplus in a state government that previously had a hapless record of managing spending,” said Bishop.

McCready says bishop’s record should concern voters and that a fresh voice in Congress is needed.

“It’s important that the people know there is a dramatic difference on the ballot,” said McCready.