NC Senate Passes HB 370

CHARLOTTE, NC — A bill that would require sheriffs in North Carolina work with ICE passed the State Senate. It will now head back to the State House Tuesday, before being sent to Governor Roy Cooper.

Governor Roy Cooper is calling the bill unconstitutional.

Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden–not holding back. saying he’s disappointed with state lawmakers who approved House Bill 370.

“I stand with the county of Mecklenburg saying we oppose HB 370,” says Sheriff McFadden.

The bill requires sheriffs to cooperate with ICE officials trying to detain illegal immigrants charged with a crime. It also makes it illegal to stop ICE officials from doing immigration enforcement in county jails, confinement facilities or other types of detention centers. The bill would also double the amount of time that a person believed to be in the country illegally could be held for ICE, and would punish sheriffs who don’t comply.

Sheriff McFadden, dozens of faith leaders and immigration activists are calling on Governor Roy Cooper to veto the bill.

Governor Cooper saying in a statement in part: “…in addition to being unconstitutional, it’s about scoring political points and using fear to divide us.”

Supporters say the bill only applies to illegal immigrants who have committed a crime. State House Speaker Tim Moore told reporters today, that the bill essentially codifies what is the current practice in most counties around the state.