CMPD & City Leaders Address Spike In Violent Crime

CHARLOTTE, NC — The “Break the Cycle” meeting was to bring the community together, but it ended up divided.

With some participating in the conversation, while others like Shalonda Gallman were turned away because the meeting was at capacity. She’s desperate for a solution.

“I am tired of every week a child dying. They don’t care, this is not real, they are campaigning,” says Gallman.

The meeting was put on by CMPD and the city. Some people don’t want to see meetings, they want to see action.

“Everyone who comes to the meeting, these are none of the people that are causing the problem,” says West Charlotte resident Angie Drakeford.

WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich took those concerns to CMPD.

“The question is this– do nothing or do something in our preference is to do something,” says Willie Ratchford with CMPD Community Relations.

Joshua Richardson went to the meeting. He tells me he’s witnessed how violent crime has affected his West Charlotte neighborhood. He showed WCCB where he recently found shell casings, just steps away from his house.

CMPD reiterated some of their efforts tonight, like their Community Policing Crisis Response team.

Mayor Lyles says they’re working to arrange rec centers like the YMCA to provide meals to young people and keep them busy. She’s also called other mayors from New Orleans and Baltimore to see what their approach has been towards violent crime.