Should Parents Be Nude Around Their Kids? 

CHARLOTTE, NC — There’s a new conversation surrounding an ongoing parenting debate after a mom on a morning talk show defended her family’s tradition of bathing together.

Lauren Libbert has two sons, and at the time of her talk show appearance, they were 10 and 11 years old.

Lauren told the hosts of a British talk show that some of her favorite memories were talking with her mom while they took a bath.

The show also featured a man who thinks bathing with your kids confuses them.

The decision of when your kids should stop seeing you naked, and you, them, differs for every family. Some things to keep in mind, according to a recent article:

  • Personal comfort – both yours and theirs. If you’re not comfy with it anymore – or they’re not, just stop.
  • Privacy cues. This can happen as early as 4-years-old. If they ask for privacy or start closing doors when they use the bathroom or bath, take the cue.
  • Personal boundaries. Talk about them. Ask your kids if they’re comfortable being seen naked – or seeing you naked.

Tonight on the EDGE, we’re asking: Should parents be nude around their kids?