Hornets Criticized For Not Keeping Kemba

Buzz City Is Bummed Out And Angry After Hornets Let Kemba Walk Away, Sign With Celtics

Buzz City is bummed out and angry after the Hornets let their best player, Kemba Walker sign with Boston.

And it’s easy to understand why fans are frustrated.

Instead of doing everything the team could to re-sign the 3-time NBA All-Star, owner Michael Jordan and the Hornets low-balled Walker and avoided paying the NBA’s luxury tax, losing their all-time leading scorer to Boston, while getting noting in return.

If the Hornets knew they weren’t going to pay Kemba, why didn’t they trade him while they could?

One of the many questions for MJ who has not spoken to the media.

Jordan did release a statement regarding Walker on Monday, thanking him for the eight seasons he played in Charlotte and wishing him the best in the future.