CLT’s Top Cop & DA Address City Council About Spike In Crime

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Sixty lives lost because of senseless violence so far this year in Charlotte. There are growing frustrations on how to solve our city’s crime issue.  Charlotte’s top cop and the District Attorney both told city council what they think the problem is. Families of victims just want the violence to stop.

It’s been more than three months since Linda Crank was able to hug her daughter.

“It’s a pain that’s getting worse and not getting better,” says Crank.

Kendal Crank became the 33rd person in Charlotte this year to lose their lives to senseless violence.
The young mother was killed in crossfire in March while driving on East 28th street during rush hour. Since Kendal’s murder, homicides have nearly doubled.

“What are we going to do about it? How can we make a difference and how can we reach out to these young men that’s pulling the trigger,” says Crank.

Chief Kerr Putney and DA Spencer Merriweather addressed city council Monday, giving their recommendations. The chief blames the spike in violent crime on young people settling minor arguments with guns. He also says repeat, violent offenders aren’t being held accountable, and electronic monitors aren’t always the answer. 66 suspects have cut off their electronic monitors this year.

“It is being used as a condition of the release far too often for people who are far too violent,” says Chief Putney.

DA Merriweather says part of the problem—we need more judges dedicated to criminal court. Recommending council members bring it up with state lawmakers.

“There is so much about the way were are constructed as a judicial system, not as a city, but as a state, that’s built for small ball,” says DA Merriweather.