Board Of Education Approves Hiring Of New Principal, Vice Principal At Lincolnton High School

The Latest:

The Lincoln County Board of Education has approved the hiring of a new principal after former principal Tony Worley resigned following allegations of sexual misconduct.

According to the Lincoln County School District, Preston Clarke has been selected to succeed Worley as principal of Lincolnton High School.

A graduate of Appalachian State University, Clarke was most recently the principal at Valle Crucis School in Sugar Grove, North Carolina, where he was named Watauga County Schools Principal of the Year in 2017.

The Lincoln County Board of Education has also approved the hiring of Casey Oakes as Vice Principal of Lincolnton High School.

Oakes joins Lincolnton High School form St. Stephens High School, where he has been the band leader since 2013.  He was a former student teacher at North Lincoln High School.

Original Story:

LINCOLNTON, N.C. – We are learning more about disturbing allegations against a now-former principal in Lincoln County.

Tony Worley resigned from Lincolnton High School on Tuesday, after being accused of sending a student nude photos of young men.

The accuser is a 2019 graduate from Lincolnton High School.

According to a search warrant, the messages started in April, when Worley reached out to him on Grindr using the nickname, “Tsunami,” then continued through June on Snapchat.

The accuser claims many of the photos Warley sent were of former students, including people he knew.

And many appear to be taken at Worley’s home in Lincolnton.

In one message, the accuser says Worley brags a former student is coming over for sex and taunted him with pictures, saying if he wanted to see more, he’d have to come see it himself.

The former student came forward with the allegations Friday.

Then early Saturday, investigators took out a search warrant on Worley’s home, removing several items including bed sheets, phones, cameras, and flash drives.

Worley was placed on suspension on Satuday, then voluntarily resigned on Tuesday.

He worked for the district since 2002, serving in a variety of roles, including Director of Secondary Education.

Police are investigating but have not charged Worley.