Beat The Line At The Bar With The Tap Of An App

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Beat the line at the bar with the tap of an app. An app is launching in Charlotte that lets you order right from your phone. Charlotte is the first city to use the BarPay app.

BarPay lets you order right from your phone. You open up the app, pick your location and then pick the drink you want. The bartender gets your order–speeding up the process.

“Grabbed the ticket, read it, says six shots of patron, chilled, lime, make it. Then they come up to the bar, they show me the app, how many they got and the name. That’s it,” says bartender at Graham Street Pub & Patio Elaine Hash.

The founders of the app: Dan Wagner and Joe De Pinto. They’re two former Charlotte Knights players. They hung up their cleats and started working on the app in 2014. Wagner says they got the idea from playing ball on the road.

“For us if you leave your card behind and you’re in Florida and you have a game the next day in Birmingham, that presents a little bit of a problem,” says Co-founder Dan Wagner.

You don’t have to be 21 to download the app, but it’s still the bar’s responsibility to check ID.

The app is online and officially launches on Monday, but you can use it this weekend. It’s not just for cocktails, you’ll be able to order food too. Venues can also choose to sell BarPay fast passes. They let you skip to the front of the line without waiting.

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