Boyfriend Of Murdered Teen Speaks Out

CHARLOTTE, NC–  63 lives lost to violence in Charlotte so far this year. One of them– an innocent teenager. Wednesday would have been Alysha Johnson’s 18th birthday.

Deante Walker and Johnson dated for nearly three years. The couple planned to move in together on July 1st, but they never got the chance.

Johnson’s life was cut short, when bullets rang out on June 17th. She was shot during a robbery on Beatties Ford Road, right across the street from where Walker works.

“That’s when I had ran over there. And I had seen her, under a cover.”

Police charged 17-year-old Juan Zamora, 16-year-old Andy Garcia and an unnamed 15-year-old girl with murder.

“It’s not worth it. You know, the violence is not worth it.”

Walker says faith and family have gotten him through the past month.

“Knowing that God is watching over me and I have people that’s behind me that love me and want to see me continue to strive.”