Families With Loved Ones Buried In An Abandoned Gaston County Cemetery Are Desperate For Answers

GASTON COUNTY–  Families who have loved ones buried in a Gaston County abandoned cemetery are desperate for answers. Now, the conditions of Morningside Cemetery are getting even worse. With the future of the cemetery unknown, the community is stepping into help.

Derron Gibson’s brother, father and grandfather are buried there. He’s the only reason a portion of the grass is mowed at the cemetery.

“I don’t ask for no money, I basically take the money out of my own pocket and come here,” says Gibson.

Imani Aldea’s aunt is buried somewhere in the overgrown grass. Family hasn’t been able to find her headstone. Aldea also cleans her sister’s grave herself.

“The first time we came out here, I couldn’t do it. It was really overwhelming,” says Aldea.

After WCCB’s story aired last week, people dumped more trash. A neighbor has started a Facebook group to get volunteers to help clean it up.

Beasley’s Memorial Gardens owned the cemetery, but the company is no longer in business.

So who’s responsible for taking care of the property? The assistant county manager tells WCCB the county is not involved. WCCB asked if the county would step in to help with the illegal dumping, we did not get a response.

Gibson just wants help.

“I can come down here and commit a couple hours myself. Only thing I want is to show some help.”