Charlotte’s Top Cop Says It’s Going To Take A Joint Effort To Combat Repeat, Violent Offenders

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Charlotte’s top cop says it’s going to take a joint effort to combat repeat, violent offenders. A judge raising the bond for a man who’s been arrested 63 times, shows the work has started.

Chief Kerr Putney called the district attorney, judges, magistrates, and the sheriff’s office his partners on Thursday.

“They’ve convinced me they’re going to work as partners to make Charlotte a safer city. Working on these repeat, violent offenders. I’m going to hold them to their word,” says Chief Putney.

It’s a 180 from last month when Putney called out the justice system. Partially blaming the city’s crime spike on repeat, violent offenders not being held accountable. Now, the chief says they’re working together.

“So I’m going to be true to my word, hopefully, they’ll be true to theirs. We’re going to get the work done as partners and if it goes sideways you’ll be the first to know.”

23-year-old Romell Mackey is a repeat offender on electronic monitoring. He’s been arrested 63 times. The latest was on Tuesday night. Police responded to a robbery at 2nd and Charles on South Boulevard.

CMPD says an officer tried to arrest Mackey, but he resisted and assaulted that officer. According to the police report, Mackey assaulted two other officers after he jumped out of a police cruiser on the way to jail. Officers eventually got him back in the car. That’s when Mackey is accused of ripping out both interior door handles, threatening to kill the officers and spitting on one of them.

In June 2018, Mackey was charged in connection to beating and robbing an ice cream man.

A judge raised Mackey’s bond $60,000 Thursday, to a total of more than $330,000.

“I’ve got to trust the process. I tell everybody have patience in the process and I’m going to model that behavior.”