Acting CMS Superintendent Addresses Wilcox Resignation

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CMS Acting Superintendent Earnest Winston has released a statement regarding Friday’s announcement that Dr. Clayton Wilcox will resign effective August 2nd.

CMS students, families, staff and community members,

We are in a time of leadership transition in our school district, but our focus on students remains clear because they are what matter most.

As your Acting Superintendent, I am committed to providing stability, to steady leadership and to making sure our work in CMS continues without interruption.

I have served our school district for 15 years…as a teacher in the classroom, an administrator, as Chief of Staff and most recently as Chief Community Relations and Engagement Officer.

But my most important job in CMS is being a parent. My expectations are the same as yours and together we will keep moving forward to meet those expectations.

How will we move forward together?

We will teach and learn with high expectations and a challenging curriculum. We will remain committed to providing equity for all students. We will graduate the class of 2020 with diplomas that are keys to real opportunities…that’s how we move forward.

We will do this work with our talented teachers, outstanding support staff and dedicated principals, but also with our volunteers, community and corporate partners and faith-based organizations…that’s how we move forward.

CMS will welcome students back in August with smiles…with clean, safe schools…with more supports for students than ever…with well-prepared teachers, classrooms and staff…with confidence and with clarity that our students matter most…that’s how we move forward.

I am excited to continue to work with you in my new role. Stay in touch with us at or on social media for updates.

During this time of transition, thank you for your support of all of our 147,000 students, our 19,000 employees and each other across our Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools community.

Together, we will keep moving forward.



Dr. Clayton Wilcox, the superintendent of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, has resigned effective August 2, 2019.  Wilcox submitted his resignation on July 19th.  This comes after he was suspended earlier this week.

The separation agreement says he will be paid until August 2nd, but will receive no compensation after. There’s a non-disparagement clause. That means the board won’t say anything negative about Wilcox. There’s also a clause where the board promises to keep Wilcox’s personnel file private.

Sources tell WCCB the suspension was partially due to concerns about new employees and new hires not being fingerprinted.  Read below for more details on the story.

Original Story:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Missed meetings, misstatements, and missing reports. An alleged pattern of workplace performance issues have plagued CMS Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox, multiple sources tell WCCB.

The failure to fingerprint new hires is what the school board is building its disciplinary case on, based on enforceable standards. But we are told that issue is the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Wilcox’s work performance has underwhelmed the school board for some time, WCCB is told, despite its decision to give him am $18,600 raise, and a contract extension this past January.

WCCB emailed every member of the board Wednesday and asked why they approved the raise and contract extension, and none replied.

Multiple sources tell WCCB Wilcox has repeatedly blown off meetings with key community leaders, made unfunded promises to parents, particularly those in the language academy program, and has failed to consistently provide required monthly reports to the school board on the suspension rates of kindergarten through second grade students.

WCCB has repeatedly contacted Dr. Wilcox, and we can see he is reading our messages, but he has so far not replied. We are told he has hired an attorney. We have contacted the attorney, but not heard back from them yet, either.

We’ve also confirmed that the school board hired a global public relations firm that specializes in “crisis support” to help with its communication strategy surrounding Wilcox’s suspension. The board will meet Friday morning to discuss Wilcox’s status.