The Snark: Jersey Shore Vacation, a Peek at KUWTK, Katy’s Youth, a New Apple, Area 51 Invasion

It's not the news...It's the Snark Report with Derek James!


Of all the places that Derek could have taken a vacation, it was at the Jersey Shore.  He gave us a little recap…apparently Jersey Shore life rubbed off on his family.

A sneak peek of what we have to look forward to in this fall’s new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians…this time it is Kim and Kourtney having a sweet argument.

Katy Perry reveals her fountain of youth.  Suggestion….stay away from her fountain.

A new apple is getting ready to hit the market and it is set to stand the fruit world on its head.

Area 51 is getting ready for a big crowd with some visitors stranger than aliens.  Just what might they find?

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