Parents Have Safety Concerns As Students Prepare To Head Back To School

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Since the deadly shooting at Butler High School, CMS has implemented new safety measures, including school security screenings. Some parents have safety concerns as students prepare to head back to school next month.

The new reality– bulletproof backpacks for sale at Office Depot and Office Max in some stores in Charlotte. Colette Forrest says the day she needs to buy one for her seventh-grade son, is the day she needs to home school him.

“So what are the preventative measures you’re putting in place to make all children feel safe,” says Forrest.

CMS found 16 guns on campuses last school year, then a loaded gun during summer school. In January, CMS began random safety screenings at high schools. They include wanding with metal detectors, bag searches, and dogs that can detect gun powder.  22 schools have been screened.  The district also upgraded security cameras and locks at some schools.

“There’s nothing more important than making sure they’re protected physically,” says Dr. Ross Danis.

Dr. Danis says students need to be mentally protected too. The latest CMS budget includes nearly $6 million for mental health support staff. Including 27 social workers and 10 psychologists.

“I want to make sure our kids are emotionally safe from bullies, I want their dignity to be intact, I want cultures to be respected in our schools.”