Esports Growing Rapidly In North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, NC.–  A 16-year-old won $3 million playing Fortnite over the weekend in New York. You can win a half-million dollars at an upcoming tournament in North Carolina. It’s giving many hope they can make a living playing video games.

“I thought, man that’s awesome for that dude because I’ve always wanted to make money playing games. I never thought of it realistically,” says gamer Marcus.

“Somebody saw that kid win this weekend is now like, I want to be a professional Fornite player. Right, so establishing a base of what does that path to get to pro player of Fortnite world that he is now in,” says Co-owner of Charlotte Esports C.J. Collins.

Collins says the gaming world is rapidly growing, especially here in North Carolina.

“What will happen next is that local communities will become more established within gaming culture.”

For people looking to grow their gaming resume, there are a handful of places in the Charlotte area where gamers can practice. Like Command Post Gaming, it also hosts tournaments where you can make a few hundred bucks.

“It kind of establishes you in the community coming out to local stuff, winning and you can step your game up because you get recognized from that point.”

Raleigh is hosting the Rainbow Six Major tournament in two weeks. Gamers from around the world will battle to win half a million dollars.