Learn How To Wax Your Car Like A Pro In 6 Steps

When it comes to waxing your car, it’s not quite as simple as wax on, wax off (unfortunately). There’s a lot of leg work involved in properly waxing your car like a pro, and the payoff is worth it – a solid application of quality wax can keep your car’s paint looking like-new for a long time to come. However, this car care doesn’t have to be complicated and Toyota of N Charlotte is here to give you a step-by-step lesson in how to wax your car like a pro. Check it out!

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Toyota of N Charlotte’s pro tips for waxing your car

Step #1: Collect the right materials.

You want to use a quality wax on your car’s paint – you don’t have to break the bank and spend a ton of money, but you don’t want to go cheap on this car care product, either. We think a middle-of-the-road wax will get the job done and be easier to apply – let our Charlotte auto parts techs help you choose one if you can’t decide.

Step #2: Give your car a thorough wash.

Before you apply wax, you want to make sure your car is thoroughly washed so all dirt, debris, and soap have been removed from the exterior. If you wax a dirty car, you’ll likely find scratches on it from where you buffed debris into the paint. After you’ve washed your car and rinsed, dry your car carefully.

Step #3: Choose a shady spot to get to work.

It’s never a good idea to wax your ride in direct sunlight. This car care should be performed in the shade so the wax goes on properly and has the capability to dry (so you can buff it into the paint). Try to wax your car under cover, in a garage, or at the very least, in the early morning or late in the evening when the sun isn’t directly overhead.

Step #4: Use the provided pad to apply the wax.

Your wax should come with a small microfiber pad for application – use that and that only to apply the wax to your car in small circular motions.

Step #5: Only apply wax to the paint.

You may be tempted to wax the rubber or plastic parts of your car – don’t. Wax won’t keep them looking like-new and can actually damage them. Only wax the paint.

Step #6: Look for a chalky appearance before you buff.

When the wax dries, it’ll take on a chalky or matte appearance. This is how you know it’s time to complete your car care routine and buff the wax into the paint! Perform the same small, circular motions that you used to apply the wax, but use a microfiber cloth for buffing so you don’t scratch the paint.

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Happy waxing! If you need help with this particular aspect of your car care or need advice when it comes to picking the right products, call us – Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help. You can reach our auto parts and service specialists at (704) 659-2025!

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