Judges, The DA & Charlotte’s Top Cop Are Talking About The City’s Spike In Violent Crime

CHARLOTTE, NC.– Frustrations with the justice system and a lack of resources. Judges, the district attorney and Charlotte’s top cop are talking about the city’s spike in violent crime. It comes after yet another repeat offender arrest.

We are on pace to reach one of the highest homicide rates Charlotte has ever seen. 67 lives lost so far this year. Chief Kerr Putney blames repeat offenders for the spike in violent crime, saying the justice system isn’t holding them accountable. For the first time, judges giving their side.

“We are operating under a bail system that has existed for two centuries. It’s not serving our community very well,” says Judge Elizabeth Trosch.

25-year-old Jamil Graves cut off his electronic monitor in May while awaiting trial. He’s been arrested 42 times in Charlotte. He’s now charged with human trafficking in Miami, where’s he’s spent over a month in jail. Warrants show the horrifying details, saying he tried to force his ex-girlfriend to prostitute for money.

Chief Putney says the system needs to be more efficient so people like Graves can’t continue to commit crimes.

“There’s a place for you and there’s a vacancy in the jail that should be occupied,” says Putney.

Cheryl Jones with Char Meck court watch says there needs to be stricter terms for pre-trial release.

“Nine times out of 10, the crux of the problem lays at the foot of the judges. They don’t do their job, they want to legislate from the bench,” says Jones.

DA Merriweather says the state isn’t giving them the resources they need. Merriweather says there are more than 200 people charged with homicide in Mecklenburg county, and only three criminal courts to try them in.