The Snark: Hook Ups & Selfies in Paradise, Love Island Babies, Hobbs & Shaw, Drug Dealers, Family Crests, and Chicken Therapy

It's not the news...It's the Snark Report with Derek James!


We now move from a bachelorette to a Bachelor in Paradise. So, how fast and how many times can one dude hook up in a season premiere?  And how drunk can one girl get? (Drunk enough to take really bad selfies!)

Seriously….Are we shipwrecked on Love Island?  And now with electronic babies?  So, wasn’t an island full of adult babies enough?

The hottest movie at the box office is “Hobbs &  Shaw”…attorney’s at law?

An incarcerated drug dealer tries to throw his daughter under the bus…or rather into a jail cell.

Derek has his own family crest that apparently no one pays any attention to.

Seniors getting a little chicken therapy.  Derek has his own personal supreme chicken therapy…thanks to Bojangles.

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