The Snark: Flipping Disick, Kylie’s Wine, Dora Exploring, Wayne’s Monkey, Popeye’s Chicken, and Flavored E-Cigs

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Apparently demo day on Flip it Like Disick needs a little help from Chip Gaines.

Kylie Jenner is coming out with a new wine…wonder if it will be a screw top or come in a box?

The new “Dora the Explorer” movie seems to be a little questionable…at least to Derek and Laresa.

Who knew about Wayne Newton’s monkey?  Well, it Derek says he’s seen it a time or two.

Popeye’s restaurant is now serving chicken sandwiches…whoa…what a concept!

The FDA is cracking down on flavored e-cigarettes.

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