Some Neighbors In Matthews Upset Over Spike In Water Bill

MATTHEWS, NC. — Some neighbors in Matthews say their water bills have more than doubled.  With no leaks–residents want answers.

“We don’t have a swimming pool, I do laundry once a week,” says Ellen Farrow.

Yet Farrow’s water bill for July showed a total usage of 11,221 gallons. More than 5,000 gallons more than her bill in June. Farrow says it went from about $122 to $439.

“I had the water department come out. They said everything is fine with the meter. I had a plumber come out, there’s no leaks in the house, there’s no running toilets.”

She reached out to Charlotte Water again.

“They said I could take it to the next supervisor, well what good is that going to do if you’ve already told me basically there’s nothing we can do.”

Farrow and her girlfriend posted their issue on Next Door. Then came dozens of comments from neighbors experiencing similar problems. Like Shellie Duncan. She says her bill has gotten too expensive.

“It’s stressful, because you know I have to cut back on my air conditioning. So I’ve got a fan, I use right here. I’ve got pets and they’re the same way,” says Duncan.

According to Charlotte Water’s website, the average monthly water and sewer bill for residential customers is $67. A spokesperson from Charlotte Water told WCCB they work one-on-one with each customer to investigate the cause of the unusual bill. We’re told a customer service supervisor is the next best step to review an account.