UNC Charlotte Chancellor Candid About Struggles After Deadly Campus Shooting

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Nearly four months after the deadly shooting on UNC Charlotte’s campus, Chancellor Philip Dubois speaking candid and open about his struggles since that horrifying day. He sat down with WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich.

Chancellor Dubois has been in a leadership role most of his career. For 8 years, he was President of the University of Wyoming. For the past 14 years, he’s been Chancellor for UNC Charlotte. But the titles he cherishes the most: husband, father, and grandpa.

“I have three children myself, and I just can’t imagine having to live through that kind of pain and loss,” says Chancellor Dubois.

Dubois talked about what life has been like since April 30th. When Riley Howell and Reed Parlier were killed on the UNC Charlotte campus. A gunman opened fire inside the Kennedy Building. Four other students were hurt.

“I feel like I’ve aged 100 years in many ways. But I know it’s just a reaction to the trauma of the event.”

Dubois says he was on a plane heading to Indianapolis when the shooting happened. He checked the universities web site, realized what was going on and got on a plane right back to Charlotte.

Days after the shooting, Dubois keeping his composure behind the podium. Taking on his role as a leader of the university.

“I’ve been in touch with all the families, of course, all the four students who were injured since April 30th. It’s emotionally trying every day that we have to have a conversation about what’s going to happen next.”

Dubois says when students return to school, they’ll see several safety changes:

-Enhanced police presence
-Surveillance towers
-Enhanced metal detectors at major events
-Enhanced active shooter training
– Additional safety information in classrooms

During the campus shooting, the university was able to lock the exterior doors on campus with the push of a bottom. Dubois says they’re looking into how they can do that for the doors inside buildings too.

Dubois will retire on June 30, 2020.