Are You Willing to Pay for a Faster Ride on I-485?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Will you pay for a faster commute on I-485 in South Charlotte?

NCDOT sure hopes so. Construction is underway on new toll lanes from Pineville to Matthews.

Crews began putting up barrier walls on Sunday night. The $346 million dollar project will add a toll lane in each direction between I-77 in South Charlotte and Highway 74 in Matthews.

In some places, the future toll lanes are already built and have been sitting there unused.

NCDOT guarantees minimum 45-mile-per-hour speeds in the toll lanes. The price will change depending on demand and time of day.

Victoria Nwasike is part of the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization.

She says toll lanes are just a piece of the puzzle in infrastructure improvements needed in South Charlotte.

“The purpose for the toll lane is really to have a real time, an expected travel time to get from here to Uptown,” Nwasike says.

The project also includes a free lane which will be added between Rea Road and Providence Road.

Construction is scheduled to be done by the end of 2022.