Lincoln County Man Finds Grenade In His Basement

LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. — A Lincoln County  man got the quite surprise when he discovered a grenade in a box of items given to him by his grandmother.

Jeffrey Huffman says a grenade fell out of a box that he knocked over while he was working on some pipes in his basement.

The pin on the grenade broke when it hit the floor, following the eight foot fall.  Huffman told authorities the grenade was green and shaped like a pineapple and had been in a box with RC airplanes his grandmother gave him about five years ago.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies responded to his residence on Car Farm Road and since there were no markings to identify the grenade as a training device, they decided to call the Gaston County Bomb squad.

The GCBS arrived and immediately determined that the grenade was not dangerous because the primer and powder had been removed.  The grenade appeared to be from the World War II era and Huffman allowed the GCBS to take the grenade to be used as a training aid, or destroyed.