Wilson’s World: Back to School Week Continues Today at Pineville Elementary School

PINEVILLE, N.C. –  A lot of area kids are just about to end their first week back to school for the 2019/2020 school year.  Wilson was at Pineville Elementary School this morning to talk with their principal Bobby French, teachers and facilitators about the school, the students, and their community partnership programs.

Wilson went inside to the school’s science lab to check out some of the experiments that they were working on.  The kids were working together to save Fred the gummy worm from drowning.  The kids learn that science isn’t scarey as well as learn how to work together.

Pineville Elementary School is always needed members of the community to be volunteers and mentors at the school.  Find out more about how you can volunteer at their website pinevilleelementaryschool.wearecms.com.

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