Some Hurricane Evacuees From South Carolina Staying in Charlotte Area


CHESTER, S.C. – Some Hurricane Dorian evacuees from South Carolina plan to ride out the storm in the Charlotte area.

South Carolina’s Governor has ordered 830,000 people to evacuate eight coastal counties.

“You just never know, you never know, and I don’t want to be caught taking chances,” says Mount Pleasant, SC resident Debbie Bennett.

She packed her bags as soon as evacuation orders went out. She’s spending the next few days with a friend in Charlotte.

“I thought, well, I’d rather go ahead of the rest of the traffic and not be, you know, caught,” Bennett says.

She’s not alone. We saw heavier than usual traffic on I-77 north in Chester County on Monday afternoon.

All lanes of I-26 are heading in the same direction from Charleston to Columbia.

“I regret I wasn’t able to get on the other side,” says Johns Island resident Michael Hough.

He says it’s been slow going.

“Maybe 10 to 15 miles an hour, and then maybe 30, and then to 60, and then back down,” Hough says.

While officials aren’t sure where Hurricane Dorian will end up, they aren’t taking any chances.

“We’d rather be safe than sorry, and we know that any time we issue orders, or take these measures, it is to protect the lives of the people of and in South Carolina,” says South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster.

Clerks at several hotels in the Rock Hill area say they’re only seeing a few hurricane evacuees so far, but at the Holiday Inn, an employee says they have several reservations booked for Tuesday night.

Evacuees can also stay for free at the campground at Charlotte Motor Speedway. More than 20 people are already there, many from Florida.

“My husband started boarding up the house on Thursday,” explains DeLand, FL resident Stacy Yeckel.

She hopes there won’t be any damage when she gets back.

“You just pray that everything will be OK and God will be with us,” Yeckel says.