Dogs Evacuated from Shelters Along Coast Available for Adoption in Mooresville

If you’d like to volunteer, donate, or adopt: e-mail

MOORESVILLE, N.C. – As people evacuate ahead of Hurricane Dorian, local animal rescues are receiving dogs from shelters along the coast.

Several dozen are already being housed in Mooresville, and they’re looking for volunteers to help care for them.

“The dogs here are straight out of the shelter from down there, owner surrenders, strays, whatever,” says Jason Benge, with Piedmont Animal Rescue.

Benge says the dogs are here because shelters along the coast need room for pets who get lost in the storm.

“Well if the shelters are full in that area they have nowhere to go,” Benge says.

Vanessa Allen saw the sign outside and decided to volunteer.

“The dogs need homes and it’s just a great way to help the community and help the pets, they need love too,” Allen says.

Allen has fostered in the past and hopes some of the dogs can find homes here, so they don’t have to go back to the coast.

“I just have a big heart. I just want to help all of them, but obviously I can’t,” Allen explains.

Veterinarian Jamie Laity is giving the dogs a check-up as they arrive. She says the travel means a lot of stress and anxiety for them.

“An unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar dogs, and unfamiliar people,” Laity says.

Rescue organizers say even if you can’t adopt, come by and give them some attention.

“Feed and water ’em, playin’ with ’em, just making sure they’re feeling loved,” Benge says.