The Snark: Ring Dings & Pepsi, Kardashian Heads, Kanye’s Ranch, Caesar’s Cancellation, Nicki’s Retirement, and Chicken Kisses

It's not the news...It's the Snark Report with Derek James!


Derek shared his birthday gift of Ring Dings & Pepsi thanks to our own Brian with a nod to Seinfeld.

Another season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and we find another hole in a Kardashian head.  Which starts a meandering story from DJ’s childhood.

Kanye West begs for money and now purchases a Wyoming Ranch…another reality show in the works?

We go back to visit our friend Caesar on 90 Day Fiancé who comes up a little short.  Could reality TV not be real?  Say it ain’t so!

Nicki Minaj announces her retirement and DJ understands why.

Warning……do not kiss your chickens..and that means you Gonzo.

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