TOLL TROUBLE: Drivers Say They Got Billed for Toll Roads and Lanes They Didn’t Ride On

MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Drivers say they’re getting bills for toll roads and toll lanes they never drove on.

Others say they got bills that were too high.

“My first instinct was to pay it. And then I was a little bit angry, because, why even pay even a quarter bill that wasn’t mine,” says Mooresville resident Angela Stutts.

She was surprised to receive a .25 cent bill in the mail for driving on the Monroe Expressway, a road she’s never even been on.

“When we took a look in the driveway, it wasn’t a tag that was registered to any of our vehicles,” Stutts explains.

Toll billing complaints are adding up on Facebook, with drivers also saying they got bills for the new I-77 toll lanes.

“It’s happening to quite a few people,” says Iredell Co. resident Joy Stevenson.

She admits she drove on the lanes a couple times and paid a five dollar bill. But she says what came in the mail two weeks ago didn’t make any sense.

“It was for $52 dollars. And I’m like, I’m not guilty of that one,” Stevenson says.

She says the bill showed her driving up and down I-77 several times in one day, something she says she’d never do.

She plans to call and dispute the charges.

Another driver sent WCCB Charlotte a .38 cent bill she got during nighttime construction on I-77, when she says workers and law enforcement had traffic detoured onto the toll lanes.

NC Quick Pass, operated by the North Carolina Turnpike Authority handles billing, even for the private I-77 toll lanes.

If you get a surprise bill in the mail, a spokesperson says you can call and dispute it.

Stutts says it took her three days to get her issue resolved.

“It’s a very cumbersome process to file a dispute with them, but on principal, and for a quarter, I went ahead and went thorough the motions,” she says.

Other drivers worry it could happen to them.

“I feel some sympathy for that because not only are they getting billed, but now they have to go argue they were not supposed to be charged. So that’s a whole nother fight,” says Huntersville resident Crystal Cheever.

If you have a toll bill that’s not paid within 30 days, you get charged a six dollar fee, according to the NC Quick Pass website. After 60 days, there’s a $25 civil penalty.

Eventually, if toll bills remain unpaid, the driver won’t be able to renew their car registration.