Glowing Harvest Moon Will Light Up The Sky On Friday The 13th

CHARLOTTE, NC – A spooky feel is expected Friday night as a glowing Harvest Moon will be in and out of the clouds on Friday the 13th.

A Harvest Moon is a full moon that occurs around the Autumnal Equinox. It rises about 10 minutes after the sun sets, which brings extra light for the evening hours.

The reason it is called a Harvest Moon is because farmers used this extra light to continue harvesting.

This Harvest Moon will appear slightly smaller because it will occur during apogee, when the moon’s orbit is farthest from the Earth.

WCCB meteorologists are expecting mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers and storms Friday night, but Chief Meteorologist Greg Armbrecht says he does expect some breaks in the clouds.

“It will look really spooky for Friday the 13th, it will be fun. I expect the moon to be covered by clouds but it will occasionally peak through which will add to its story line. I expect there will be times when you can see it between showers.”

The sun will set at 7:33pm Friday and the moon will rise at 7:43pm.