Traffic Changes Taking Shape at Busy Hwy 16 & Mount Holly-Huntersville Intersection

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Traffic changes are taking shape at a busy intersection in the Mountain Island Lake area.

NCDOT is trying to bring relief with what’s called a “Continuous-Flow Intersection.” It’s the first of its kind in North Carolina.

Drivers trying to turn left onto Mount Holly-Huntersville Road will cross opposing traffic lanes into a displaced left lane.

“It’s going to increase the efficiency and the throughput through that intersection rather than sitting and waiting for these individual movements to happen,” explains Jen Thompson, with NCDOT.

Thompson says the design has shown results in other states.

“There’s still a learning curve to it, but hopefully this is going to be a big improvement to what people are experiencing out there now on a daily basis,” she says.

One part of the new design is already in place. Drivers turning right onto Highway 16 have a dedicated turn-off lane before they reach the intersection.

The complete new traffic pattern should be in place by the end of October.