Possible Police Impersonator Intimidates Woman Inside Charlotte Grocery Store

CHARLOTTE, NC. — A possible police impersonator intimidates a woman inside a Charlotte grocery store. The victim is talking only to WCCB, she says she’s terrified and doesn’t want this to happen to anyone else.

CMPD is investigating.

“He was right there like blocking me. He was like, give me your ID. I’m like why, he’s like give me your ID. I asked what do you need my ID for? He said ma’am I’m asking you for your ID,” says the victim.

She says she felt trapped when a man with a badge and handcuffs approached her. It happened inside the Food Lion on East WT Harris Boulevard around eight at night last Wednesday. She shared video with us that she got from the store.

“In my mind, I’m like I don’t want my kids to see me getting handcuffed then also, if he handcuffs me I’m not going to be able to fight back.”

She hesitantly handed over her ID that had an old address.

He asked if she was involved in a hit-and- run. She said no. She says he wouldn’t give her any of his information.

“I asked him, what’s your name, what’s your badge number, because the only identifying thing he had on was a badge that says Fugitive Task Force. ”

He handed back the ID and walked away.

She did a quick Google search for Fugitive Task Force. It brought her to the U.S. Marshals page. She called, told them what happened and says they told her the U.S. Marshals Office doesn’t investigate hit-and-runs. She also gave them a description of the guy.

“She says I’m so sorry but we don’t have anybody in our department that fit our description. At that point I’m kind of terrified because this man had my ID and he knows my name.”

She called the police, and says the responding officer never went inside the Food Lion.

“I was very disappointed about that because I feel like it wasn’t taken as serious as it should have been, especially with all the sex trafficking and everything that’s been going on.”

The woman says a CMPD sergeant reached out to her after WCCB reached out to CMPD about the case. She says they’ll file a formal report with her tomorrow.

She posted what happened to her on the Nextdoor app, and another woman says the same thing happened to her a year ago.