Video Of Cam Newton On A Scooter In Uptown Gets People Fired Up On Twitter

CHARLOTTE, NC — Whether it’s “get him healthy” or “his glory days are behind him,” it seems everyone in Charlotte has something to say about the Cam Newton saga.

We saw injured Newton riding his motor bike down stonewall street during rush hour in uptown. WCCB’s Alexandra Elich posted the following video on Twitter, and reactions started pouring in.

Some say it’s not a good look.

One man tweeting: “When his focus and work ethic have been in question, showing a lack of seriousness getting your body back to a guaranteed 100-percent isn’t a great idea.”

Others say, what’s the big deal?:

“Is he supposed to stay inside until the foot is completely healed? As long as he’s not riding a unicycle around town, I don’t see what the big deal is.”

The Panthers have ruled Newton out for this week’s game at Houston because of his foot injury.

Backup QB Kyle Allen, fresh off the team’s win at Arizona, will make his second straight start.

Some fans think it’s time to move on from Cam, and move into the Kyle Allen era.

Midtown resident Gamil Rivers says, “It might just be time to you know, maybe let cam move on to another team.”

Other fans however, want to see the Panthers’ star QB lace up again.

“He’s done a lot for the team, he has the resume. Kyle Allen did look really good this game, but lets not jump the brakes here,” says Panthers fan Tory Young.

Former NFL player Jeff Reed tells WCCB that Newton’s best days are behind him.

“I think the super bowl run was one heck of a year. But then again, he could come back from an injury or whatever is going on with his foot or shoulder or whatever it is, and be fantastic. You never know.”