Statesville Woman Helps Rescue Hundreds of Animals In Storm Battered Bahamas

STATESVILLE, NC – A Statesville animal rescuer is back in North Carolina after spending 6 days in the storm-ravaged Bahamas.

Krissie Newman, the wife of NASCAR driver Ryan Newman, says she helped get hundreds of animals to safety. Krissie is an animal advocate. She and Ryan founded Rescue Ranch in Statesville back in 2012.  They take in animals of all shapes and sizes.

Krissie has also become a certified rescue responder. She deploys shortly after disaster strikes.

“Houses have so much damage that it’s just really hard to find people’s animals,” said Krissie Newman while on Abaco Islands.

She spent six days there digging through debris that Dorian left behind.

“Its a very surreal moment. It’s kind of like is this real life. Is this really happening,” said Newman.

She worked with the International Fund for Animal Welfare to rescue animals and reunite them with their owners.

“I actually want to help in any way I possibly can,” said Newman, “whether its get the word out or do the work myself.”

She also worked with local veterinarians to care for injured animals. With no running water or electricity, she and about 10 other responders rescued people’s pets from roofs and from under rubble.

“It’s not easy to go into an area and you see heartbreak and you cannot save them all,” said Newman.

Having returned just last week, Newman says it was hard being away from family, but helping animals is something close to her heart.

“I would go in a heartbeat,” said Newman.