Gas Prices Trending Down According To AAA Carolinas

CHARLOTTE, NC — Two weeks after attacks on major Saudi Arabian oil facilities, the majority of Carolinians are seeing signs of gas prices trending cheaper. Both states are averaging a few cents less on the week.

North Carolina’s $2.43 average is down two cents from last week, up six cents from last month and down 26 cents on the year. South Carolina’s $2.32 average is down three cents since last week, up nine cents on the month and is 24 cents less than this time last year.

“With crude oil prices down to where they almost were right before the attacks on the Saudi oil facilities, we are seeing state-wide and city-wide gas price averages decline across the Carolinas,” said Tiffany Wright, AAA Carolinas spokesperson. “Despite the lower averages, prices may vary greatly from pump to pump over the next several days as the switchover from summer to the less expensive winter blend of fuel continues.”

Below is a list of price by region:

Today’s national gas price average of $2.65 which is the same price as last week, and is seven cents more expensive than last month, but 22-cents cheaper than a year ago.

Gas price averages across the nation can be found HERE.

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