The Snark: A Diva Secret, an Outdaughtered Meal, Judge Barbie, San Fran, a Rescue Pup,and a Little Farmer Action

It's not the news...It's the Snark Report with Derek James!


Wilson enjoyed snarking on Derek so much yesterday that he tried again today…but he will never be able to out-snark the Great Snarknac…..

On Total Divas a secret is revealed and we find out that Carmella needs a thesaurus…or an attitude adjustment.

On Outdaughtered the quints won’t eat vegetables, but they love swallowing their gum.

Judge Barbie is taking the bench and we find that she has a bigger gavel than Ken.

San Francisco…America’s greenest city.

A man in South Carolina is happy he rescued the dog from the pound and not a cat.

Looking for a little action?  Head out to the farm.

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