Rising Spotlight: Purefico MedSpa & Therapy

Purefico MedSpa & Therapy is a comprehensive wellness center that offers dynamic solutions to problems related to overall health, pain, performance, weight loss, detoxification, and beauty.

Representatives from Purefico stopped by the Rising studios to discuss more about company and their services.

Purefico offers a wide variety of services to improve your health.  Whether you are tired of living in pain, desire to achieve peak physical fitness or athletic performance, or are seeking to improve the appearance of your face or body, they have options for you.

Two of the services featured by Purefico during today’s segment are ARP Wave Therapy and the BE Slim Now program.

ARP Wave Therapy helps athletes achieve faster recovery times, rehab patients recover three times faster from surgery or injury, and gives relief to those suffering from chronic pain.

BE Slim Now is a signature 6-week program that uses a holistic approach to weight loss that includes nutrition, counseling, and advanced cold light therapy to treat fat cells by opening temporary pores in the cell and emptying the fat cell contents which releases all the stubborn fat that you can’t seem to get rid of with diet and exercise.

Purefico MedSpa & Therapy is located at 19401 Old Jetton Road, SUITE 100 in Cornelius, North Carolina.  Give them call today at 704-741-3927.

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